(Re)Shaping Societies: Global Tasks for Public Relations in the 21st Century

Global Tasks for PR: Defence, Diplomacy and Development is a must-attend one-day conference being held at London College of Communication, University of the Arts London on Monday 4th July from 9.30am to 4pm.

DDD logo FINALThe conference brings together strategic communicators working within civil society and academics to explore and discuss the role of public relations and strategic communication theory and practice in shaping emerging and existing societies.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Adrian Monck, Head of Public Engagement, World Economic Forum – Public engagement as a driver of change for good
  • Kate Ferguson, Director of human rights NGO Protection Approaches and PaCCS Research Associate with the University of Cambridge – Countering Violent Extremism Through Communication Strategies
  • Eva Grosman, Centre for Democracy and Peace-Building, Northern Ireland
  • Stephen Jolly, Fellow, Defence Academy

Other contributors include: Albany Associates, a consultancy specialised in delivering communication strategies in challenging and transitional environments; practitioners from the UK Government’s ‘Good Governance Initiative’; Dr Margalit Toledano and Professor David McKie, University of Waikato, New Zealand, editor and contributor to the forthcoming title International PR: Perspectives from Deeply Divided Communities; and Professor Ryszard Lawniczak, Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland who developed the concept of “transitional PR” in Post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe states.

Academic papers will be presented by speakers from: Sciences Po Paris, France; l’Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgium; The George Washington University, USA; Paris Sorbonne University, France; University of the Arts London, UK; University of Bucharest, Romania.

Through a series of keynote presentations, individual papers and panel presentations, answers to some of these questions will be sought: what is the role of PR in public diplomacy or setting global political agendas? How are states using communication strategically to support military campaigns and how can PR be used to help stabilisation efforts in post-conflict countries?

Moreover, what impact do these applied examples have on issues such as social development, social integration, social justice and peace-building, international relations and soft power?

Book your place now:

Date: Monday 4th July, 206
Venue: London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, SE1 6SB
Time: 9.30am to 4pm

Tickets: £41 (non-UAL) and £31 UAL. To register go to: http://bit.ly/globaltasks

‘Community-Building for Organizations Managing Change Using New Media’ – Guest lecture by Prof. Dean Kruckeberg

Professor Dean Kruckeberg, University of North Carolina

The Network for Public Relations and Society is delighted to host a guest lecture by Professor Dean Kruckeberg, University of North Carolina at Charlotte on 15th May 2014. The lecture, being held at London College of Communications, University of the Arts London, is titled ‘Community-Building for Organizations Managing Change Using New Media.

Professor Kruckeberg will present his recent work offering a reading of public relations (PR) which proposes the discipline must respond to the contemporary social, political, economic and cultural challenges being wrought by digital media by focusing its efforts on constructing holistic communities.

Drawing on the work of the US ecologist, Aldo Leopold, Kruckeberg develops a conceptual framework of society as a complex ecosystem sustained through mutual co-operation. Technology and ethics are central to this approach and Kruckeberg argues that both operate within contemporary communication as empowering and guiding principles that can help PR “restore and maintain the sense of community that has been lost in contemporary society”.

The event will be followed by drinks. To attend or for more information contact s [dot] collister [at] lcc [dot] arts [dot] ac [dot] uk.